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New Projects

  • UTC 1201 “Forensic Testing of Prestressed Girders,” Dr. Paul J. Barr, PI.

  • UTC 1202 “Accelerated Bridge Construction Deck Testing,”Dr. Marv W. Halling, PI.

  • UTC 1203 “Sign Management,” Dr. Kevin Heaslip, PI.

  • UTC 1204 “A Two-Stage Approach for Estimating a Statewide Truck Trip Table,” Dr. Anthony Chen, PI.

  • UTC 1205 “Do Changing Prices Portend a Shift in Fuel Consumption, Diminished Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Lower Fuel Tax Revenue?” Dr. Kevin Heaslip, PI

  • UTC 1204 “Develop Design Guidelines for Integral Abutment Bridges,” Dr. Paul J. Barr, PI.