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2011 Director's Message

On behalf of all of us who have participated with the Utah Transportation Center over the last five years, we would like to thank Dr. Kevin Womack and Dr. Marv Halling for serving as the Director and Associate Director.  During this time the transportation center has experienced significant growth and formed many partnerships.  Center funding has helped support approximately forty master’s students and eight doctorate students through graduation.  In addition, fifty papers have been published and over eighty papers have been presented.  While these accomplishments have certainly been the result of the hard work of many people, Dr. Womack and Dr. Halling have been instrumental in securing matching funds, and providing strategic direction to this center; for which we are all very grateful.  We wish Dr. Womack all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to continued collaborations with Dr. Halling.

As the new Director of the center, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Heaslip has agreed to serve as the new Associate Director.  Dr. Heaslip’s experience with transportation centers in Massachusetts, Virginia and Florida will be critical as we look to grow the center.  Dr. Heaslip’s primary research interests include sustainable and resilient transportation infrastructures, traffic and transit operations, and intelligent transportation systems.  My background is focused primarily on the behavior of steel, reinforced concrete, and pre-stressed concrete bridges.  Over the last four years I have been involved with the field testing and long-term monitoring of several bridges throughout the United States though the Long-Term Bridge Program administered through the Federal Highway Administration.  I have also had several projects that focused on the forensic testing of bridges at the Systems, Materials and Structural Health (S.MA.S.H.) Laboratory at Utah State University.
Paul Barr

We believe that this broad range of interests and experience make a strong combination as we look to the future leadership of the Utah Transportation Center.  We are currently working with several consortiums to obtain future funding for the center focusing on both regional as well as national needs.    We will continue to use any future funding to meet the strategic goals of the U.S. Department of Transportation as we work with our local and national partners.

Paul Barr, PhD
Director, Utah Transportation Center