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2006-2007 Director's Message

The first year as a Tier II University Transportation Center for the Utah Transportation Center has been a successful one; full of growth, strengthening old relationships and building new ones.

We have been able to strengthen our long-standing partnership with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), both financially and technically.  During this first year, with funding available through he UTC program, we have been able to partner with UDOT to fund four research projects with budgets totally more than $324,000.  We look forward to continuing this partnership with UDOT.  We anticipate long-term benefit for the advancement of transportation research generally and providing specific research that will enhance UDOT’s ability to manage Utah’s complex transportation infrastructure.

We have also developed two very strong, yet different, relationships with other transportation entities during this first year.  One of these is a partnership developed between our center, the Utah Transportation Center, and the university transportation center at Rutgers, the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT).  We have collaborated on a very significant proposal for the FHWA Long Term Bridge Performance Program, and look forward to further collaborative endeavors with the CAIT group.    

The second of these new relationships is the one that has grown between the Utah Transportation Center and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).
The UTC wholly funded one research project for UTA, looking at passenger counting technology, and a second project, to be funded 100% by UTA, is currently under contract negotiations.  This partnership between the UTC and UTA will focus on the application of existing technologies to
optimize the operations of major transit agencies.  This is a very exciting relationship and will bring colleagues from other engineering disciplines into the Utah Transportation Center which has up to this point consisted mainly of civil engineering colleagues.

From a purely financial point of view, the Utah Transportation Center managed to leverage its Tier II Federal funding at a 1.65:1 ratio, with a total center budget of nearly $1,139,000.  This type of leverage means more research projects and technology transfer, graduate student scholarships, and in the not too distant future an additional faculty member specializing in transportation. 

So after a great first year, the future looks bright for the Utah Transportation Center and we look forward to sharing that bright future with you.